Regency Town House – Artist in Residence

The Regency Town House

I have been lucky enough to spend a few days over the last few weeks as ‘artist in residence’ at the Regency Town House in Brunswick Square, Brighton.

The Regency Town House is a grade I Listed terraced home of the mid-1820s being developed as a heritage centre and museum to focus on the architecture and social history of Brighton & Hove between the 1780s and 1840s.

13 Brunswick Square

The shutters on the windows were vital protection from the Channel storms, as the glass from 1820 was easily blown in.


Upstairs to the first floor

With it’s West facing entrance and stained glass, the house would of glowed with colour at sunset as the occupants and the dinner guests made their way up the stairs to the first floor reception room.

First floor reception room

This is my ink and biro sketch of the main first floor reception room, which was hosting an art exhibition at the time of sketching this. The amazing feeling of this room was further amplified by the views across Brunswick Square. A view that has remained unchanged for nearly 200 years.

The housekeepers room

This is the newly refurbished Housekeepers room, situated in the basement at front of the house, (conveniently placed to keep an eye out for tradespeople).  The fireplace has been fully restored and the walls have been replastered and painted using the traditional methods of the time. I used ink and pen to represent the muted tones of the room. I love the window storage drawers.

The kitchen

I have been recording the great work of the volunteers Paul and Mark as they work on the kitchen in the basement at the back of the house; Removing over a century of grime from the floor tiles. To see the latest progress of the kitchen and their work on the wine cellar and larders, follow them on twitter